For guys forming i can last 3hours

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For guys forming i can last 3hours

Post by Shola » Sat Jul 01, 2017 10:02 pm

First time a guy hopped on me, and was refused to cum, he was forming 3hrs man.
Was watching television at the sitting room, I made the first move,
I started caressing the hairs on his chest, I advanced to the hairs on his belle was fondling and playing with his bellybutton, next he held my hand and dragged it to his half erected rod, I held it like a professional singer I was, it wasn’t the first time I would be handling a microphone, I started fondling and stroking it, stroking so hard and steady, I pushed it to my mouth started singing like an expert, from RnB to reggae from reggae to hip hop, the environment was so heated with his moans that I feared his neighbors might come asking question, why I want to kill someone’s child,
I was sucking and stroking, best feeling for me, as it my favorite part in the sex exercise,
10mins into it, He was moaning in pleasure, half screaming, in my mind I was wondering why he isn’t coming, normally any guy would have ejaculated while we continue the second round minutes later, but no, rather he turned me over in the 69position, gave me head of laive, he tongued fucked, ass licked me, my life is truly a miracle as the pleasure didn’t kill me that night, minutes later we proceeded to the main thing, he carried me to the bedroom
I laid backing him, as he entered from the back, rear position, he was hitting and I was positioning well so he could hit it right, every corner of the room filled with moans , oh baby, you’re so sweet, I love you, give it to me, awwwww gosh, I don’t want this to end, can I stay here forever, infact let me die here,
He turned me over with me kneeling and my butt shooting out to the air, he entered again and was pounding, banging, hitting steadily,
In My mind why is this man not cumming cos I’ve cum a several times,
He laid me flat on my chest still digging from the back, this point I was screaming out so loud cos the sweetness was unbearable,
I turned over, hopped on him, started digging him, was hitting and wyning him at the same time… he was moaning in pleasure I was hitting him hard cos I thought he would cum in this position,
Yet uncle was only moaning stroking and sucking my breast at intervals, I had to back him, sat on him and started hitting again, he let out soft moans was saying so many gibberish stuffs, I would buy private jet for you, will take you to Dubai to study London,
I said this is it, you can’t win me in this game, I must finish what I started , you must cum… I continued hitting him that way, he continued moaning yet he never came,
I became so tired and exhausted,
He laid me on the bed and came on again in the missionary way, he started hitting me again, I positioned my V in several ways compressed it, folded it, he was only moaning yet he wasn’t cumming, I extended my hands to his balls,kept stroking, I leaned forward reached for his breast started caressing and sucking it, he was moaning, I started biting his breast softly while I pressed his bum inside me,like my V was going to swallow his whole being,
he continued digging me, he was on top jerking profusely, I knew I had hit just the right spot, I started sucking and lightly biting his breast, he was jerking steadily and banging me harder….. he banged,digged, and jerked harder the whole room was vibrating I thought the building would collapse…
he jerked this time, let out a loud moan and I felt warm fluid inside me, next uncle killewin passed out ,
I laughed….nobody wins me in this game
Yea we had it raw
Before I come back...
I hope to see my acct reported/blocked
After Zukerbeg and team must have finished getting wet..
It's a new month
I'm not even around sef

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