Moral Decadence in the 21st Century teenagers (PARENTS ARE TO BLAME NOT GOD )

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Moral Decadence in the 21st Century teenagers (PARENTS ARE TO BLAME NOT GOD )

Post by Joshmomay » Tue Jan 09, 2018 9:43 am

On a sunny evening, I was strolling down to the market through my street. Enjoying the great designs of God called nature.
So happy within me that I started muttering some calm songs lifting my spirit in that calm evening, having home a little far like five to six poles from my apartment, I was startled by the shouts of three persons.
A mature maleand female with an average responding very harsh and high.
Out of curiosity I tried to understand what was going on, behold I found a teenager exchanging words (defying words ) with his parents and people gathered watching them. At that moment, I lost the joy in heart and was so bittered at what I just saw. I could not bear it that i walks up to the scene and took the young boy away from there.
While we got talking, he calmly explained to me what caused the public display (which I won't go into details here). I also took him back to his parents to apologise and they also told me their own version of the story and all I could deduce from the two interviews is BAD PARENTING.

1. Children's wants/needs
Most parents make the mistake of providing their wards/children every material thing they ask and want from them thinking that it's part of the training but it's not.
Am not saying that buying/getting your children material things is totally bad but it should have limits/bounds. Not all their wants/needs should be met as when requested. At east make them understand that things are difficult but with time you can get them their desires I they can be patient enough.
You can hang their needs around a responsible for them to meet. Example; "If take first in the class I will get you ...." "If you finish your assignment A grade I will get you......".
This helps them to be contented with whatever they have and always be patient with you when you defer their needs. This you will emphasize with respect to priorities of needs and it keeps the parents in control too over some of their needs and desires.
If their needs are controlled and they are content with whatever they have then they won't steal.

2. Joint training
Most parents also thinks that they alone can train their children as such fights any external person who helps in disciplinary measures on their children.
Any adult at all is a parent outside your home and can correct your children of found in evil or bad attitudes. You are not always with them to know what they do wrong or right but there teachers, Sabbath/Sunday school teacher, Moral instruction teachers, well wishers, children/teenager pastors that sees your kids and they can help to shape your kids right.
Because most parents fights people who try to correct or discipline their wards, people now find it difficult to correct our children when they are them go wrong or do evil and this is doing our society more harm than good.
Parents also forget that the children they are protecting are as well losing respect for them as well. This was the case of the parents mentioned above.

Most of these Moral decadence in the 21st Century teenagers are caused by the parents and to correct this moral decay, we have to go back to the root and start all over again.
I believe that if we the parents can return to God and change our methods of training and start using the methods God gave us to raise our children, we will eventually raise God fearing teenagers who will be loving, humble, respectful and peaceful.

I am Joshua Ikegwuonu, I help parents redefine the dreams and minds of their teenagers. ... e-not-god/

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