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Post by Joshmomay » Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:47 am

Walking the street of Zanda off Wethral road by Tetlow in Owerri, I saw some people crying bitterly and inconsolable. I was wondering what happened that a full fleshed man is crying that loud and uncontrollable, heading towards the scene I bumped into a young lady who happened to come from the neighbourhood and I asked, what actually is happening here?
The answer she gave to me also got some little tears on my chin

I was wondering why everybody especially the youths wants to work for someone and don’t want to start their own business and create jobs for other to partner with them.

Why I’m crying? I asked myself, he is not my dad neither is he related to me. Why am I so bothered about the dead and those mourning them? Am I not supposed to go about my business?

Yes, I am crying because many youths will end up like the man they are about to bury at Zanda.
The lady told me that the dead man died while waiting at the local government to have his pension and gratuity. He served in the government for 35 years and retired with the hope that he will continue to enjoy the fruit of his labour but this was denied him as the government turned a deaf ear to their request for payment.

She said while they were waiting on that fateful day to receive their cheques as the government promised them, as at around 3pm the son received a call that his father has just slumped at the door going in to receive his cheque. He was rushed to the hospital and on getting to the hospital he gave up to ghost at around 4:30pm.

Our elders are so interested in their youths or children getting a government job, saying the job is secured and the pension and gratuity is certain but from all indications the reverse is the case. Because many of them (the elders) are dying of High blood pressure as a result of not been paid their pension and gratuity as at when due.

What are the 21st century youth doing different from our elders?
The salary slavery mentality that some of our elders infused us has made most youths want to go to school just get a Degree, Masters or PhD to seem relevant and get a better acclaimed job in the dreamland.
But that is not the way the life is now, millions of graduates are out there without jobs and millions also are vying for a one position in a government job or a company but none of them is thinking of starting their own business or solving one problem in our world, nation and society and be paid for it.

Some of the youths are beginning to open their eyes to ENTREPRENEURSHIP.
One of the way forward for the youths in this 21st century to strive in this time is to dive into Entrepreneurship by bending down to find a business (studying a problem), start the business (proffer Solution for the problem studied) and build an empire that will accommodate others (Serve the solution for all to enjoy)

White collar jobs or government jobs are failing the youths in this 21st century, I don’t think we want to die like our fathers begging for our pension and gratuity rather we want to live above that level.

For us to achieve are giving dreams, we need to REINVENT OUR MIND with the 21st CENTURY MINDSET of ENTREPRENEUSHIP by bending down to learn the right kind of business from the right kind of people in your God right place.

I am Joshua Ikegwuonu and I redefine Minds with words and ink.

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