Conte says Mourinho is suffering from 'Mou has senile dementia'

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Conte says Mourinho is suffering from 'Mou has senile dementia'

Post by Jennifer » Sat Jan 06, 2018 7:44 am

Chelsea boss Antonio Conte caused controversy by suggesting Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho “has senile dementia.”

The pair have clashed repeatedly and some of that stretches back to their time in Serie A with Juventus and Inter respectively.

This week, Mourinho complained that certain tacticians behaved “like clowns” on the sidelines and Conte was asked if that was referring to him.

“I think that he has to see himself in the past,” replied Conte during his Press conference in a mixture of Italian and English.

“Maybe he was speaking about doing it himself in the past. Maybe I think someone forgets what they said in the past or what their behaviour was.

“Sometimes I think there is senile dementia, when you are a bit… when you forget what you do in the past.”

The official Chelsea translator tried to tell the assembled media that the phrase ‘senile dementia’ was difficult to translate, but it was very clear

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