Google DFP is now Google Ad Manager

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Google DFP is now Google Ad Manager

Post by Bethel » Sat Jul 21, 2018 6:25 pm

Google recently renamed one of its advertisement program from DoubleClick’s publisher platforms to ‘Google Ad Manager’ to better reflect how it's platform has evolved; is said. The goal is to help users earn more money and protect their brand wherever it's audience is watching, playing and engaging.

What to expect:

Going by Google's email to all Publishers, this is what to expect "Over the course of several months, you’ll start to see improvements to the user interface, but the core product and its functionality will remain the same."

New Features Publishers Hope to See

Easy to use user interface: It's no secret that the user interface for DFP users is somewhat confusing even for old users. Let's do hope to see an easier platform for setting up ads and monitoring earnings on the user interface side of things.

Faster Loading: DFP oops; Ad Manager! just like Google Adsense tends to load up very slowly even with a relatively fast internet speed. Since there's a paradigm change, we do hope speed is one of them.

Better Support Team: Google seems to do this on purpose as with Adsense most of the assistance comes from a community of users who seem much knowledgeable on either of the program. Looking forward to see a Google supported IRC channel/ChatSupport/ or faster means of getting response. Afterall, we are partners of same business.

Easier Payment Method: Well, it will be a nice idea to have a much easier payment system straight to every user's bank account without much verification once the payment threshold has been reached.

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