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Post by Jennifer » Wed Sep 05, 2018 10:32 am

Their questions mostly revealed deep-rooted ignorance about feminine hygiene and anatomy.

First, I do not believe in random or casual sex or in sex between strangers. So, whenever you hear me write about sex, I am speaking about the closet physical intimacy between a man and woman who trust each other, who love and care for each other, who respect each other, and who are committed exclusively to each other. And who understand and value hygiene. So, I will never encourage you to have any form of sexual contact with a stranger.

Second, I'm aware that dangerous diseases can be transmitted through sexual contact. So, I consider it highly dangerous to have sexual contact with anybody you cannot vouch for his or her health status.

Thirdly, I also know that sex involves deep emotions. As such, people should approach sex with the deepest sense of responsibility. You must never play with people's emotions through sexual contacts.

Having cleared the air, I may deal with some of the prejudices people have about the vagina. Major one is that they think that the vagina is too dirty for the mouth. That's wrong. Vagina is cleaner than the mouth. If you can kiss a woman on the mouth, you can give her oral sex, if your concern is about hygiene. I have a screenshot to show you.

People say the vagina smells. True! But so does the mouth smell. So do you armpits smell. If you keep the vagina, the mouth and the armpit equally clean, the vagina will be less smelly than the other two.

If you obey the rules above and have sex with only someone you're married to or in a relationship with, you will know the right time for various forms of sexual intimacies. But, if you go about randomly sleeping with strangers, sure, you will meet a lady who is in the last day of her menstruation. And whatever you find down there, you deal with it.

Avoid ignorance. Try to read and understand.

We are speaking of a healthy vagina. Any part of human body - men and women - can be infected and thus unhealthy. But most of vaginal infections are treatable. Likewise, oral infections render the mouth (of men and women) unhealthy until they are properly treated.

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