Shade’s New Found Adventure PT2

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Shade’s New Found Adventure PT2

Post by Shola » Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:45 pm

Shade desperately wanted to say yes, but she finds the self-control to say “No.” She fixes her G-string and covers up again as they continue talking for another 15-20 minutes. Shade then says, “Its getting late. I’ve had too much sun. I need to go.”

Pablo pleads with her “Please, stay just a few more minutes Shade.”

Shade replies “I really must go.” Shade didn’t want to leave, but she knew if she stayed any longer things would certainly get out of hand and get her in trouble.
Pablo says “Ok. But before you go, please may I have one last look at you?” Shade rationalizes that she has committed to leave, so one more peak won’t hurt as she is leaving after this. Plus, she strangely still feels obligated to comply.

With her back to the others, Shade again looks over her shoulder to make sure they can’t see. She lets her coverup fall open again revealing her bre*8ts to Pablo one last time. He again motions to her legs and she spreads them apart again, this time without hesitation. After Shade spreads her legs, Pablo motions toward her bathing suit. Shade rolls her eyes, but complies with his request and shows him her pull$$y again. Despite feeling completely vulnerable and a bit uncomfortable with her legs spread showing her pull$$y to Pablo, Shade really enjoys his gaze upon her body.

Shade allows him a minute to take in the view of her body, and then says “Ok, I think its…” but is interrupted by Pablo.

“Please show me your pull$$y,” he says.

“I just showed you,” Shade replies.

“No. Please show me the warm pink inside your pull$$y,” Pablo requests.

Shade exclaims “No. I’m not…” but is again interrupted by Pablo.

“Please?” Pablo firmly requests again.

Finding herself unable to deny his boldest request yet, Shade reluctantly and with some level of protest asks “How?”

Pablo instructs her “Please spread you pull$$y open with your fingers.”

Shade pauses as she thinks about his request. She mutters under her breath “I really can’t believe I’m doing this.” Shade slowly reaches down and places the fingers of each hand on the sides of her pull$$y. She curls her fingers which slowly parts her lips, revealing her warm pink cunt waiting inside. Pablo admires her pink pull$$y. By now, Shade had gotten a little wet from the excitement of the game. Pablo continues his gaze taking note of how the wetness of her pull$$y glistens in the sunlight.

Before Pablo can make any more requests, Shade states “That’s all you get. Its time for me to go.” Shade straightens the fabric of her G-string to cover herself and quickly closes her coverup. She collects the rest of her belongings and stands up to leave. Even though Pablo has pushed her way beyond appropriate boundaries and made her feel uncomfortable, they still exchange pleasant good byes.

As Shade starts to walk away, Pablo says “Maybe I shall see you here tomorrow?” Shade turns back and simply smiles at Pablo without responding.

Shade rides the elevator up to her room and reflects on the naughty little game she just played. She thinks to herself she must be crazy flashing her body to a complete stranger like that. But, having a gorgeous young, hunk like Pablo take interest in her was very flattering. The attractive young man’s desire for her and gazing upon her body was also very exciting.

When Shade gets to her room, she open the shades and looks out the window seeing Pablo still laying by the pool. Being incredibly horny from their game, she starts to rub her pull$$y. Shade sits in a chair and places one heel in each corner of the window sill as she spreads her legs and continues massaging her clit. Shade becomes excited immediately and starts breathing heavily and panting. Her back starts to arch and she clenches her butt cheeks. But, she suddenly stops before having an Org8$m. She knows the only thing that will satisfy her hunger is a warm c*kc pounding her cunt. And not having masturbated to Org8$m will make it that much stronger when she finally does cum.

Shade soon gets a text from Dele. He apologizes and explains they are working through dinner so he will be home late and she will have to get dinner on her own. After relaxing a while in her room, Shade thinks about going to bar, maybe to see if Pablo is there. She decides she doesn’t trust herself and that would be too risky if he was there. So, she orders room service and waits for Dele to return. When Dele finally does get back later that evening, Shade practically rips his clothes off when he enters the door. She proceeds to wildly f*kc him until she explodes in Org8$m. She was glad she hadn’t Org8$med earlier, as it did in fact intensify this one.

After they catch their breath, Dele says, “Wow. You were on fire. What gives?”

Shade replies, “I missed you. And was really horny.” They both laugh and quickly drift off to sleep.

The next morning after Dele leaves, Shade looks out the window. There are a couple of people by the pool, but no Pablo. She decides to go to the pool again anyway as she has no other plans today. She lays around the pool for a while, but still no Pablo. Shade jumps in the water to cool off and soaks for a while in the pool. Still no Pablo.

Shade is about to leave, and suddenly Pablo walks out from the hotel. He explains he is going to swim for 30 minutes, but invites her to go to lunch and shopping after. Shade thinks about it, still not fully trusting herself alone around Pablo. She figures that maybe its ok since it will be a crowded public place. She accepts his invitation but informs him she has to be back by 5:00 because she has a dinner with her husband.

After an hour, they meet in lobby and a hotel driver takes them to a nearby restaurant. They enter the quaint restaurant that has big windows overlooking the waterfront. The restaurant is a casual one and not popular with the business crowd, so it is only about half full. They are seated in the far corner over by the windows at a small square table. Shade sits down facing the windows and Pablo sits 90 degrees to her left. They order wine and start to look at the menu.

After the waiter leaves the table, Pablo leans over and says “I enjoyed seeing your body yesterday at the pool. Did you enjoy showing it to me?”

Reluctant to admit it to him, after a long pause Shade answers, “Yes, I enjoyed our little game.”

“Did you like showing me your pull$$y?” he inquires.

After an even longer pause, Shade bashfully admits in a soft voice, “Yes.”

“Did our game excite you?” he asks.

“Yes,” Shade softly replies again.

“Did you touch yourself when you returned to your room?” he inquires.

Shade pauses, again not wanting to answer, but softly confesses “Yes.”

“I would like to see your pull$$y again here please,” Pablo says.

“No, not here,” she protests.

“Please?” he again requests.

“No,” Shade quickly answers as the waiter comes back to take their order.

Sensing he was interrupting, the waiter says “I can give you a few more minutes if you like?”

“No, we are ready,” Shade quickly replies knowing the waiter has saved her from Pablo’s requests, at least for the moment. They order their food and resume their conversation about art from the day prior.

After concluding their meal, Pablo again asks, “Please may I see your pull$$y now?”

Shade replies “No. Stop. Not here. There are people all around.”

Pablo replies, “Please, at least show me your panties.”

Shade thinks about his request. She is intrigued by this little game. In addition to being naughty and exciting, she enjoys the challenge of finding a way not to get caught. She ponders for a minute how she can fulfill his request without anyone seeing. Unable to completely deny his requests, Shade acquiesces and says “Ok. One quick peak and then we are leaving.” She turns her chair toward him and her back to the rest of the occupied tables in the restaurant. She looks over her shoulder to see that no one is watching, and slowly lifts the front of her skirt and tents it up so Pablo can get a look at her small red silk panties tightly covering her pull$$y mound. After a quick moment, she drops her dress.

“Please show me the backs,” Pablo quietly replies.

In a whisper voice Shade quietly exclaims, “What? How? No. Its time to go.”

Pablo replies “We can leave after you show me. Please show me the backs.”

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