My Wife's Future Maid of Honor Has No Honor

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My Wife's Future Maid of Honor Has No Honor

Post by Fuckman » Wed Dec 13, 2017 3:20 am

My future wife's maid of honor was lying in my bed naked with left hand on her right tit massaging it and rolling her nipple between her thumb and finger pinching it and squirming in self pleasure. Her right hand over her red bush between her legs stroking her clitoris and getting her fingers wet sliding them inside her wet hole. Making her arch her back as she's getting into finger fucking herself...

* * * * * * *

The summer before l was married, my future wife, Colette, was working and living with her mother almost 300 miles away. I was spending a lot of time with her best friend Kay (a very good looking redhead with nice tits). Going to parties and just hanging out together. Once in a while she would be very drunk and when that happened she would get very promiscuous and would throw her arms around any guy and plant a kiss on them. And sometimes it would lead to them disappearing for a while, I could only guess what they were doing. It would make me jealous sometimes that she didn't do it to me. She had a crush on one of my coworkers, Greg, who happened to be married and would sometimes hook up with him.

I was living in a house that was an old hospital converted into an apartment building. I had the whole second floor. Four rooms, a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and a separate living room across the hallway. The main part of my apartment was set up so I entered into the bedroom first then into the kitchen and the bathroom was off to the side of the kitchen. It was not the type of place my future wife wanted to live in. So with one month to the wedding I made arrangements to rent a trailer house. Before I left the tenants in the two lower apartments had arranged a going away party for me.

On my the night of the going away party we had procured 3 kegs. And they were inside one of the lower apartments. So many people showed up that I didn't even know everyone there. Kay was one of them and she continued to drink heavily all night and about 1:30 in the morning she disappeared. I just thought she had just gone off somewhere to fuck someone, Greg was still playing cards with four other players. So it wasn't him I thought, she's a big girl I had decided and she could do whatever she wanted.

I had been drinking a lot all night and had been going upstairs to piss in my own bathroom when I needed to relieve myself. About 2:00 am I was feeling like I needed to piss again so I started upstairs to do just that. As I approached the top of the stairs I could hear a female moaning as if she was about to cum. Then I noticed that my door was ajar and I know that I had locked it earlier. So I opened the door slowly to discover where Kay had disappeared to on my bed with the covers thrown to the side, by herself. And I realized that Kay knew where the spare key was hidden.

My future future wife's maid of honor was lying in my bed naked not a stitch on, with her left hand on her right tit massaging it and rolling her nipple between her thumb and finger pinching it and squirming in self pleasure. Her right hand between her legs over her red bush stroking her clitoris and getting her fingers wet sliding them in and out of her wet hole. Making her arch her back as she's getting into finger fucking herself. It appeared she had been there for quite awhile, because she had a huge wet spot on the sheets. As I entered the room she was just reaching another orgasm, I just watched as she had no idea I was there. Her orgasm made her body convulse and went rigid except for her fingers that rubbed her clitoris even harder. As she started to squirt she had her knees bent up and she arched her back into the air raising her pussy up into the air exposing it to its fullest she then pulled up on her clitoris. And squirted off the end of the bed where I was standing and watching, some of sweet fluid landed onto me. No wonder the sheets were so wet, if she only had one other emission like that it would have been enough to make that wet spot.

I just said oh my god Kay what are you doing in here. That was the first time she realized she was being watched, I think she liked the idea that I had been watching her finger fuck herself. She just moaned and said I'm so horny, I needed to get off. And then she slid her two middle fingers into her cunt and finger fucked her wet hole and pulling them out dripping wet and put them into her mouth tasting herself. She then held out her hand and said do you want some, really it tastes good. I could feel my cock swell and my balls tighten as I watched. I could also smell her pheromones emulating through the room. That was all it took to put my brain into its own agenda. I crawled onto the bed and up to her womanhood buried my face into her wet cunt and started to lick her cum from between her legs. She opened her legs even farther and with her hands pulling her legs up and out to let me drive my tongue into her cunt and on down to her asshole. Licking her asshole made it tighten, I could feel resistance when I tried to enter with my tongue. So I focused on her cunt. The taste and the wetness was driving me insane even though I was getting a red pubic hair in my mouth at times, i prefer nearly groomed pussys but I kept licking and sucking her clitoris. It wasn't long until I sent her onto "O" avenue again when she started to squirt again I opened my mouth trying to capture all of her vaginal juices. The taste was the sweetest pussy juice I ever experienced.

My tee shirt had caught what my mouth didn't and was wet with her cunt fluids. I peeled it off and held it to my nose and inhaled her scent then threw it into the corner and then started to unzip my pants. When Kay heard the zipper she threw me onto my back and couldn't get them off fast enough. Once off my rock hard cock was exposed and standing fully erect pointing at the ceiling. Kay wrapped her fingers around my shaft and her lips around the head began to suck and lick my cock driving me close to an orgasm of my own. But she was good and knew where to stop short of my cumming into her mouth which was what I wanted. She moved up my belly licking as she went. Then she reached my nipples and started to sucking them, no wonder women go nuts when I suck and bite their nipples, it felt amazing.

Kay straddled me and reaching down to my cock and guiding it to her wet dripping slit. I said I don't have any protection. She said I don't want any, I want to feel you cumming inside my pussy. I felt the head entering her body and then she drove down onto my shaft Impaling my cock into her womanhood all at once, as it bottomed out she gasped as if it was stretching her to the max. She was so tight and felt so great, she paused for a second to allow her cunt to adjust to my nine inch girthy cock. Once she felt adjusted to the size of my cock she began to pump up and down on me, in what seemed to be her most energetic fucking ever. Her big tits were bouncing in my face with her perky nipples pointing at the ceiling erect and the size of my thumbs. Trying to take as much of her left tit into my mouth sucking on her nipple like I was starving for milk.

We kept fucking for what seemed to be an hour but I know I could not last that long. I felt myself reaching the cliff and ready to go over. When I said I going to cum, I need to pull out. Kay just kept pumping on my everharding cock feeling ready to explode, no you motherfucker cum inside my pussy. I want to feel your hot cum inside my cunt, I tried to stop from cumming but could not control my function. I let out a growl as I felt my body go into convulsions and my nuts unloaded inside her unprotected cunt. Oh yeah she said that feeling is so hot. And she drove down onto my cock and held me inside wriggling in circles milking all my soldiers into her. As I gushed spirt after spirt inside her, overfilling her cunt to the max and then more. I could feel my cum running out of her wet slit over my balls and onto the sheets adding to what she had already deposited on them.

Kay crawled off my cock and went down on me to taste our combined fluids. She sucked and licked my shaft clean of our cum, she even licked my balls to get what ran out. This sent electric pulses to my cock and brought me back to erection status. So I pulled up on her to get her to climb onto me again. She resisted though and sucking harder and deeper I could feel the back of her throat, at this point most girls gag but not Kay. She began to massaging my nuts. I could feel myself reaching another orgasm as my shaft reached its hardest point and began to release the contents of my nuts down her throat. She held me deep in her mouth I felt her suction pulling every ounce of my seeds out of my shaft and she swallowed each gush down her throat and into her belly on the upper end this time.

When we finally finished and just lay there each of us exhausted. Starting to feel guilty about fucking my future wife's best friend, I said Colette can't know that we fucked tonight ok. Alright she replied, but we do share a lot of things and have since we've known each other.

As it turns out Kay did tell Colette that we had a night of out of control sex. Colette told me so a few years later, she didn't seem to be pissed about it. In fact ten years or so later Kay was divorced and living with us in between places. Colette was to be out of town on a business trip and Kay not being fucked for over a year, the two of them conspired to have Kay sneak into my room one night and fuck me again.

But that is another story.

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Re: My Wife's Future Maid of Honor Has No Honor

Post by Jennifer » Wed Dec 13, 2017 4:26 am

Short but really erotic.

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