Sample of Akwa Ibom Marriage List

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Sample of Akwa Ibom Marriage List

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Without the doubt, bride price is a cultural right in most parts of Nigeria. Marrying from some places is very easy and doesn’t require anyone breaking the bank. Most times, it affects relationship as the loud undertone is that one can’t settle with the love of their life if they are not extremely wealthy .

I could remember vividly when my girl cousin was to get married she was super excited and couldn’t wait to tie up the knot with her Yoruba boo. She told her mum about the guy’s intention and the mum told her dad. Hoops the marriage plan began, I know that day as I was about stepping from my home for the college when she called and said Cyndi my fiancé will be visiting our home on Friday this week and I want you to be around.

Well, let’s fast forward the whole story, the fiancé came and after plenty eating and laughing, my uncle took him to the village to meet with some village heads and family members that matters, at the end of that day he was issued a list and that list was tagged Requirements for a traditional Marriage Ceremony in Nsit Atai L.G.A.

He went back to Lagos where he is based and didn’t speak with my cousin for days. Worries piled up in her heart and she burst to tears when she told me of the ordeal she went through, I asked, so why didn’t you call him cousin, she said I did, most times when he picks up he says Edidiong am busy can I call you back later and that day will roll pass he won’t call me. What bites me the most is the fact that he calls me my name and not the sweetie he used to call. I then knew something was wrong.

Days rolled into weeks and here I am still wondering what might have gone wrong with my boo to be. I called his best friend Olawale who was kind enough to talk some sense into him and the following day he called me. All he said was Edidiong please I need you to board the next flight tomorrow to Lagos we have a serious issue I need us to talk about.

He sent me the flight code and I prepared for Lagos. I arrived Lagos at about 12.32pm, he was already their waiting for me, he hugged him and I felt he must have missed me, but then I said to myself if he did then why the cold attitude towards me. Well, we headed for his home and I had my shower and ate something.

Edidiong he said we need to talk, I said okay am all hears. He started with so much Eulogy and I said why sing my praises when you practically abandoned me and made my heart aches for days, your silence was enough to send me to my early grave.

Am so sorry but I didn’t know what to do nor think, I became helpless when your family head handed me the lists to our Traditional Marriage. Oh but why didn’t you show me the list before you left for Lagos, I couldn’t bring myself to show you how angry and disappointed I was he said, Disappointed?

The Requirements for the marriage process are:

One big black goat
2 bottles of dry gin
2 crates of beer
3 crates of minerals
2 crates of malt
#10,000 for the mother
#20,000 for the father

List of Traditional Marriage Items for the Father of the Bride (Mkpo Ete)

One black goat
One bottle of 3-in-1 whiskey
One carton of schnapps
Wrappers like Hollandis, George materials
Cartons of Assorted beers
Walking staff
Limestone, Kola and Snuff
One shirt, socks and singlet
One hat, Umbrella, walking stock
Agreed amount of money (in cash only)

List of Traditional Marriage Items for the Mother of the Bride (Mkpo Eka)

One native goat
One bottle of brandy
One lace material
Cartons of beers
One shoe, bra, head tie and a box filled with under wears
4 crates of soft drinks
Wrappers like Hollandis, George Material
One lace blouse, head gear and accessories
Cash for the money ranging from #50,000

List of Traditional Items for the Extended Family of the Bride (Mkpo Ndito Ette)

One carton of beer
2 crates of soft drinks
Bitter kola
A bottle of Schnapps
Amounts in cash

List for the Entertainment on the Marriage Day

Money for drinks
Money for food and snacks
This money is often given to the Bride’s mother.
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