Top 5 Tech Websites/Blogs in Nigeria

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Top 5 Tech Websites/Blogs in Nigeria

Post by Spencer » Mon Aug 31, 2020 3:54 pm

There’s a lot of Tech Blogs or Websites these days on the internet which makes it easy for anyone to get information. Nigeria is fast growing and Information Technology forms a basic part of any Nations development.

Here is our top 10 Tech websites within the country as we have be often criticized for focusing on open source articles more than local content.

Gtbens Magazine

Gtbens Magazine is the first Linux and Tech Blog within the region and they have been consistent for over twelve years running now. Gtbens Magazine is a joint effort of Bensoft Enterprise and G-town Media from day one. It must be said that Bensoft Enterprise now powers the Magazine online and also promotes more of the content online and offline as G-town Media focuses more on Multimedia and similar projects

Gtbens Magazine focuses on Tech news, How-to’s, Linux, Open Source, and also has a question and answer section where visitors can post problems, questions and get quick solutions (one major feature that makes it unique from others).

Check out their website

2. Tech Cabal

For many, Tech Cabal is a good resource platform when it comes to I.T Services.

Tech cabal is one of the most visited tech blog in Nigeria, probably the biggest in Africa. In a country where Entertainment dominates, It is glad to know that this tech site has made it to the top 50 most visited site in Nigeria. It might be from the title Everyone is invited, the feat they have reached, has made many tech bloggers look up to it for unbiased reviews, start-up news and groundbreaking revolution in Africa.

This innovative blog is widely known for its keen news on exciting tech startup’s, gadgets and across Africa.


This for us is a very good platform when you talk about Tech news or solutions at large. Very dynamic and elaborate.

Techpoint tells the African Tech story using a touch of Africanism in a form you have never seen. You will be surprised how resources are left untapped in Africa which is ripe for the taking.

Techpoint aims to open your entrepreneur mind to vast opportunities and the daily news on how the fortune companies control the Technology space.

4. NaijaTechGuide is a tech site primarily for phone reviews, comparisons, and specs. If you are tech fan searching for phones and gadgets; you must have stumbled upon this site when searching for phones on search engines.

The word out there is Naijatechguide is the first blog to earn millions from affiliate advertisement from popular e-commerce websites like and


In our pecking orders, we choose this website as number five in due accord.

They say too much cooks spoil the broth, but Geek ng has defied this law, with multiple author post, Nigerian bloggers have grown to love them. I personally too like them.

This blog mainly focuses on phone reviews, phone comparisons, tech news and other related topics about tech. Their youtube channel is worth a spectacle to watch unboxing videos and detailed reviews.

Check them out anytime
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Re: Top 5 Tech Websites/Blogs in Nigeria

Post by JustinGrey » Thu Dec 24, 2020 7:58 am

Thanks for this useful information. I like the way you write and present your ideas. I will definitely use all these 5 Tech Websites and tell you my opinion. Thanks again!

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Re: Top 5 Tech Websites/Blogs in Nigeria

Post by Jennifer » Thu Jan 07, 2021 12:00 pm

I agree with this write up. Not bad at all.

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