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Post by Joshmomay » Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:50 pm

As we count down the days of our lives it is filled with #DECISIONS we made or about to make.

We are shaped by these #DECISIONS, we can't run away from the consequences of these #DECISIONS (whether good or bad).

Lots of people are looking for ways to better their lives while some others are busy thinking of lives to destroy and all of these boils down to #DECISIONS.

I understand we all want to succeed in Life but very few are ready to pay the price;
It's your choice.

Many young minds dive into quick/Sharp way to success and after a while they are thrown out the game because they decided to take shortcut to success (#WRONG_DECISION)

But there is this set of other young minds who are rare and slow in making #DECISIONS.
They develop their minds for a course, they build their skills, they unlearn some old stuffs and learn some new ones that will keep them steady in their decision making and plans to achieve their course/success.

(Some people dream of success while others stay awake to make it happen) - this is choice.

They know it (success) may not come immediately but they know also that when it (success) comes it will stay long, if not for life time.

If you desire to stay in the game of success, you should also desire to pay the #PRICE. (it's your choice).

Great things don't just happen, it takes great steps and #DECISIONS to create great things and when you create you own it.

To stay in the GAME, it is your CHOICE to make.

Decide to CHANGE and take responsibility for your ACTIONS.

Join me in the 2nd March 2018 as unfold more on choice making.
Venue: #34 Item Street Opp Diamond Bank Ikenegbu, Owerri, Imo state.
Time: 12noon
Fee: Free
For more info: 08035264583, 08037611088

I am Joshua Ikegwuonu and and I redefine mind with words and ink.

#Redefinition #JoshuaIkegwuonu #ReInventMay29 #NEILCON8 #IDecide2Change #TheConference
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