Nigeria Air Logo Was Designed By a Bahrain Company - FROM6.

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Nigeria Air Logo Was Designed By a Bahrain Company - FROM6.

Post by Shola » Sat Jul 21, 2018 8:55 pm

Nigeria's latest Airline and National Career has been launched in a U.K Showroom not too long ago. The latest iteration in the list of national air carriers. Like its name, the logo is a sort of reworking of elements from the previous air carriers. The design is more minimal that its predecessors, featuring a ribbon bearing the green-white-green colors of the national flag fluttering in the wind. If you are attentive there is an optical illusion. A white dot on the ribbon, is an eye and the ribbon flutters into the shape of an eagle. Representing a distinctively Nigerian but more functional and streamlined service..

This time, FROM6, an advertising agency from Bahrain, was in charge of design. In the Nigerian Air video debut, they describe it as one that will “take the country to new heights under our common symbol of pride – Nigeria Air.” Unlike past designs, Nigeria Air includes a tagline “bringing Nigeria closer to the world”.
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