Community mobs and linched young man to death for butchering father.

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Community mobs and linched young man to death for butchering father.

Post by Bethel » Wed Nov 11, 2020 3:52 am

Tragedy struck Eziobodo Town ( host community to Federal University of Technology Owerri) As angry mob attacked, caught and linched a young man to death after he butchered his father with a matchet.

The boy has been a torn in the flesh of the community as he was addicted to hard drugs (Heroine) aka Guzoro. The incident occurred mid-day of November the 9th 2020 when he came home, had a slight argument with his father who refused gaining him entry to the house because he stabbed a relative the day before for no reason.

This angered the young man who came home high on drugs with blood in his eyes. Ozioma, the young man attacked his father and cut him severally on his head, arms and other parts of the body then took off.

The youths of Eziobodo town swept into action as he was chased down by angry mob who later caught up with him somewhere around the village, beat him to pulp and tied up just so he wouldn't escape.

Sadly, the young man who is also a member of a cult group had sympathizers who wanted to help him escape while the police was called in to arrest him as well.

Angered by his refusal to apologize or show remorse for what he did, he was linched and burned alive.

The father was rushed to several hospitals before FMC Owerri took him in for emergency treatment. It appears the old man is recuperating and hopefully will survive.
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