5 Questions for the Federal Government of Nigeria

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5 Questions for the Federal Government of Nigeria

Post by Sunday » Thu Jan 11, 2018 7:02 pm

I love the way the Nigerian Police reacted to the killings at Omoku on New Year's day of 2018. At least we now know the country's security agencies can be trusted to a certain degree. But it seems ironic that up North, similar culprits are being ignored or treated specially. I have these questions for Nigeria's Federal Government.

1. Why are Fulani Herdsmen being tolerated and not a single person have been arrested despite the massacre that occurred in Benue State Nigeria on the same day 1st January 2018. Are all Nigerians equal before the Federal Government and our President Buhari?

2. What is stopping the Presidency from declaring Fulani Herdsmen a terrorist group despite continuous atrocities being committed by the group on a monthly basis. IPOB never killed anyone or caused damage other than peaceful demonstrations. As much as i do not advocate for a split in the entity called Nigeria, we really should learn from Spain and Catalonia

3. If Nigeria is out of recession as claimed, where are the jobs, cheap food items and basic commodities to prove this. Prices of every commodity is on the high if not up by 200% or more.

4. The railway projects being executed seems to be only functional and focused on the Northern part of the country. At-least the master-plan indicates this. Major works are going on from Abuja to Kaduna, Kano and more. One wonders if Cities like Lagos and Port Harcourt should have been carried along from word go.

5. Why are we buying weapons from the U.S which cannot serve the common purpose of defending Nigeria against hi-tech militia and terrorism? Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, South Africa and Tunisia have better Jet fighters and even submarines. Will Shekau (a man backed by ISIS) ever be caught using sub-standard weapons?
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Re: 5 Questions for the Federal Government of Nigeria

Post by Jennifer » Thu Jan 11, 2018 7:20 pm

Will anyone ever answer these questions? Where is Lai Mohammed?

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