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Rugby Of Zimbabwe Sleep In The Streets In Tunisia

Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 6:39 am
by Hassan
The National rugby team of Zimbabwe, in what can be considered as a humiliating situation, has been forced to sleep on the street of Tunis, Tunisia while returning home from Kenya.

“Our national rugby team the Sables are being treated in the most appalling way in Tunisa.They have been forced to sleep on the streets as the accommodation they were provided with is disgusting,” Coltart said in a Tuesday morning Facebook post.

The team on arrival in Tunis on Monday, was held up for six hours at the border because authorities claimed they still needed to pay for visas amounting to 600 Euros. This followed most team members only sleeping for two hours the previous night.

"On arrival they spent 6 hours held up at border and the authorities have taken their passports claiming they need to pay for visas amounting to 600 euro which they cant pay as they dont have funds. Most team members only had 2 hours sleep last night.

The ZRU board appear to have done nothing about the situation along with the SRC. Coach De Villiers and the managers are on the street with the players. Come on Zimbabwe. How can we allow a national team, our flag carriers, to be treated like this?"

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He further queried what action Zimbabwe’s current sports minister, Kazembe Kazembe, would be taking, and appealed to Zimbabwe's ambassador to Senegal and The Gambia Trudy Stevenson, the country's closest envoy to Tunisia by geography, to intervene.